Energy Sustainability and Climate Change in ASEAN

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by Han PHOUMIN, Farhad TAGHIZADEH-HESARY, KIMURA Fukunari, ARIMA Jun
Publisher Springer
ISBN Hardcover:978-981-16-1999-1
Publication Date July 2021
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Table of Contents

Impacts of Climate Change and the Mitigation Policies

1. Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in South-East Asia—Drought Conditions and Crop Damage Assessment
2. Management of Natural Forests for Carbon Emission Reductions Through Improved Logging Practices and Wood Bioenergy Use
3. Vehicle Technology Impact Assessment Model for Indonesia (VEIA-ID): Concept and First Results
4. Assessment of the Forest Carbon Balance Due to Deforestation and Plantation Forestry in Southeast Asia
5. ASEAN Energy Landscape and Emissions: The Modelling Scenarios and Policy Implications
6. Expediting Transition Towards HELE Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Technologies in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Economic Analysis of HELE and Subcritical Coal-Fired Technologies

Policy Measures for Promoting Renewable Energy Projects

7. Utilising Green Finance for Sustainability: Empirical Analysis of the Characteristics of Green Bond Markets
8. Potential Green Hydrogen from Curtailed Electricity in ASEAN: The Scenarios and Policy Implications
9. Green Technology Development and Deployment in the ASEAN—Lessons Learned and Ways Forward
10. Innovation Management and Productivity in Sustainable Energy—The Case of Biomass Fuel Manufacturers in Malaysia and Thailand
11. Harnessing Wind Energy Potential in ASEAN: Principles, Perspectives and Policy Implications
12. Sustainability and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic-Generation Systems in ASEAN Countries
13. Understanding Quality Energy-Related Infrastructure Development in the Mekong Subregion: Key Drivers and Policy Implications

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