Spatial Economics for Building Back Better

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written by FUJITA Masahisa, HAMAGUCHI Nobuaki, KAMEYAMA Yoshihiro
Publisher Springer
ISBN Hardcover: 978-981-16-4950-9
eBook: 978-981-16-4951-6
Publication Date October 2021
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Table of Contents

1. Long-Term Transition of Population and National Land System
2. Transformation Processes of National Land Systems and Reconstruction Policy from a Spatial Economics Perspective
3. Process of Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake with Pictures and Data
4. Population Decline and Creative Reconstruction in Disaster-Affected Areas
5. Reconstruction Based on Natural Resources
6. Supply Chain Resiliency
7. Regeneration of Physical and Institutional Infrastructure for Local Community
8. Local Community as a Device for Regional Innovation
9. Building Back Better to Overcome the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Great East Japan Earthquake
10. Summary and Concluding Remarks

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