Carbon Pricing in Japan

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by ARIMURA Toshi H. and MATSUMOTO Shigeru
Publisher Springer
ISBN Softcover:978-981-15-6966-1
Publication Date September 2020
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Table of Contents

1. Expectations for Carbon Pricing in Japan in the Global Climate Policy Context
2. Climate Policy in the Commercial Sector: A Survey of Commercial Buildings in Japan
3. Climate Policy in Household Sector
4. Climate Policy in Transportation Sector: Role of Carbon Pricing
5. Climate Policy in Power Sector: Feed-in Tariff and Carbon Pricing
6. An Empirical Study of the Tokyo Emissions Trading Scheme: An Ex Post Analysis of Emissions from University Buildings
7. Target-Setting Emissions Trading Program in Saitama Prefecture: Impact on CO2 Emissions in the First Compliance Period
8. Energy Consumption in Transition: Evidence from Facility-Level Dat
9. An Assessment of Carbon Taxation by Input–Output Analysis: Upstream or Downstream?
10. The Competitiveness Issue of the Japanese Economy Under Carbon Pricing: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of 2050
11. The Economic Effects of Equalizing the Effective Carbon Rate of Sectors: An Input-Output Analysis
12. Inequalities in the Impact of the Carbon Tax in Japan
13. Double Dividend of the Carbon Tax in Japan: Can We Increase Public Support for Carbon Pricing?

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