Study on China's Institutional Design for "Doing Business"——Discussion about Governance System & Structure along the Trial-and-Error Process of Policy Diffusion

Author Name MENG Jianjun (Visiting Fellow, RIETI) / PAN Motao (Tsinghua University)
Creation Date/NO. March 2021 21-J-019
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In recent years, the Chinese government has carried out domestic administrative reforms in line with the World Bank's mission of "improving the business environment" as one of its policy priorities. This paper attempts to elucidate the policy practice of promoting administrative reform with the goal of "Doing Business" in Japan. Specifically, the semantic search survey was conducted in the policy documents of the central and provincial governments. This paper investigates the policy learning and diffusion process of government regulation mitigation and optimization of the business environment in the trial-and-error process of policy formulation, and discusses the management system and structure of the Chinese government. Finally, the direction of administrative reform and the characteristics of system design of "Doing Business" in China are discussed further.