(Tentative) Proposal of Classification Items for Support Support Services for the IP Support Desk, which Could Be the Basis of EBPM in Measures Supporting Intellectual Property Utilization by SMEs

Author Name KOBAYASHI Toru (Senior Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. March 2020 20-P-011
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This paper analyzes the support cases of the IP Support Desk, which provides one-stop support for intellectual property consultations to SMEs, extracts support services that were evaluated to have been sufficiently useful in practice, and (tentatively) proposes classification items for support services that contribute to an accurate understanding of the users' needs, appropriate verification and evaluation of the effects of support measures.

This proposal includes the classification items following the path of "creation," "protection" and "utilization" and the classification items related to basic and general support, which would further be cross-referenced by "patent/utility," "design," "trademark," and again by "domestic business support" and "overseas development support."