Toward Restructuring the Employment System: How Can We Change Japan's Work Style?

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by TSURU Kotaro
Publisher Nippon Hyoronsha Co., Ltd.
ISBN 978-4-535-55916-5
Publication Date September 2019

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Restructuring the Japanese employment system: An introduction
Chapter 2. Historical changes to the Japanese employment system: internal labour market formation, expansion and contraction
Chapter 3. What is new in "Japanese-style management in the new era?" An analysis of changes in human resources policy
Chapter 4. Current status of job transfers, job changes and post-retirement employment
Chapter 5. Issues regarding diversity and personnel management: reforming human resources systems and creating a flexible work style
Chapter 6. Flattening wage profiles and the early job separation of young workers
Chapter 7. Wage gaps between forms of employment
Chapter 8. What is Japanese-style "equal labour, equal pay" reform? Its characteristics and related issues
Chapter 9. Necessary policies and measures to improve worker health: A discussion based on labour economic research
Chapter 10. The achievement of legal reform of working hours and future work
Chapter 11. The effects of "the link between specialized fields at university and work" on occupational outcomes: focusing on the gender gap
Chapter 12. Social and economic consequences of Buddhism, Jizo and Shinto: The effects on income, happiness and health through social capital

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.