Actual Condition of Overtime and its Determinants: Comparative analysis using four panel data sets

Author Name SATO Kazuma (Takushoku University)
Creation Date/NO. February 2019 19-J-006
Research Project Research on Working Style Reform and Health Management
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This study explores the actual conditions of overtime and its determinants by using four panel data sets. The analysis produced the following three findings. First, in an economic recession, while unpaid overtime increases, paid overtime decreases. Second, sudden incoming work, high norms and goals, heavy responsibilities and authority, and environments where it is difficult to leave, all increase the incidence of unpaid overtime. Finally, in the case of males, lost wages from unpaid overtime in one month range from 27 thousand yen to 66 thousand yen. In the case of females, the range is about 15 thousand yen to 42 thousand yen.