Issues of Vocational Training Corporations: From the viewpoint of NPO policy

Author Name HATSUTANI Isamu (Osaka University of Commerce)
Creation Date/NO. January 2019 19-J-005
Research Project Research on the Liberalist Reforms of the Public-Private Relationship and the Establishment of the Third Sector in Japan
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In 1958, the former Vocational Training Act, the first basic act concerning vocational training in Japan, was enacted. In 1969, the old vocational training act was abolished and the new vocational training act was enacted in order to train and secure new skilled workers capable of responding to the progress of the full-scale labor shortage and technological innovation due to high economic growth. With this new vocational training act, a vocational training corporation system with the primary purpose of conducting accredited vocational training was introduced.

According to the amendment of the act in 1985, the name of the vocational training act was changed to the Human Resources Development Promotion Act. The name and purpose of the basic act have been changed, but vocational training corporations have not changed their names or roles.

In this paper, after describing the history and present situation of vocational training corporations, we discuss the issues of vocational training corporations from the viewpoint of NPO policy.