Regional Productivity Differences in Japan Industry-Level Studies Based on the R-JIP Database

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by TOKUI Joji
Publisher University of Tokyo Press
ISBN 978-4-13-040285-9
Publication Date August 2018

Table of Contents


Part I: Construction and Basic Analysis of the Regional-Level Japan Industrial Productivity (R-JIP) Database
Chapter 1: Characteristics and Construction of the R-JIP Database
Construction and Main Characteristics of the R-JIP Database
Chapter 2: Estimation and Analysis of the Difference in Human Capital Input among Regions in Japan
Chapter 3: Estimation and Analysis of Price Divergence among Regions in Japan
Chapter 4: Estimation of Headquarter Service, its Input across Regions, and its Effect on Prefectural Value Added and Productivity

Part 2: Analysis of the Industrial Productivity Differentials among Regions in Japan
Chapter 5: Long-term Movement of Economic Differentials among Regions in Japan: 1874-2010
Chapter 6: Depopulation, Aging, and its Effect on Regional Economies
Chapter 7: Resource Allocation among Japanese Regions and Policy Measures for Improving Productivity
Chapter 8: Agglomeration of Intellectual Activities and Location of R&D Facilities
Chapter 9: Productivity Dynamics and R&D Spillovers in the Japanese Manufacturing Industry

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.