Role of Local Financial Institutions for Regional Revitalization

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by YAMORI Nobuyoshi
Publisher Chuokeizai-sha, Inc.
ISBN 978-4-502-25271-6
Publication Date March 2018

Table of Contents

Part I: Current State and Challenges of Local Financial Institutions' Frontline Sales Activities as Seen in a Survey of Branch Managers
Chapter 1: Summary of the Background to and Results of the 2017 Survey of Branch Managers
Chapter 2: Survey Methodology and Attributes of Respondents
Chapter 3: Status of Efforts on Business Viability Assessment
Chapter 4: Human Resources Development at Financial Institutions and the Local Financial Environment
Chapter 5: Surprises and Interest in the Results of the Survey of Branch Managers
Chapter 6: Regional Banks as a Key Driver of Regional Revitalization
Chapter 7: Business Viability Assessment in the Era of Knowledge-based Economies
Chapter 8: Development of SMEs and Local Economies, and Local Financial Institutions
Chapter 9: Credit Cooperatives Trusted and Needed by Local Communities

Part II: Roles Expected of Local Financial Institutions for Regional Revitalization
Chapter 10: Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Local Financial Institutions in the Tohoku Region
Chapter 11: Number of Banking Relationships Held by SMEs at the Time of Startup
Chapter 12: Competitive Environment for Local Financial Institutions and the Opening and Closing of Establishments
Chapter 13: Changes in SMEs' Capital Investment following the Collapse of Lehman Brothers
Chapter 14: Capital Injections and Regional Banks' Lending Behavior

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.