Aesthetic Activities Will Increase in the Era of General Purpose AI

Author Name FUJI Kazuhiko (Senior Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. December 2017 17-P-035
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General purpose artificial intelligence (AI) will be realized in 30 years, and there is a possibility that the majority of the current jobs will become redundant. Many experts claim that a basic income should be introduced in the future, but I think there is very little chance of this occurring in Japan.

In the future, knowledge will become excessive due to AI, but an aesthetic sense will be lacking as general purpose AI cannot create a new frontier of art. Brain science research has revealed issues including the following.
・Appreciation of beauty has the potential to be a new object of desire.
・Consciousness of beauty raises a feeling of justice.

Many young Japanese enjoy aesthetic activities through the internet (e.g., YouTuber). For these reasons, I expect knowledge of aesthetic sense will play an important role in economic activities. To promote aesthetic activities, the government, especially local governments, should take necessary measures including issuing local currency. Abundant aesthetic activities can lead to happier lives without a basic income in Japan.