Revitalization of the Hokuriku Region, Internationalization, and Innovation

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by MARUYA Toyojiro, HAMAGUCHI Nobuaki, KUMAGAI Satoru, SHIRAMATA Shuji
Publisher Nippon Hyoronsha Co., Ltd.
ISBN 978-4-535-55886-1
Publication Date September 2017

Table of Contents

Introduction   Revitalization of Local Economies in the Era of Globalization: From the perspective of spatial economics
Chapter 1   Changing Demographics in Hokuriku and Regional Revitalization
Chapter 2   Current State of Internationalization of Hokuriku-based Manufacturers
Chapter 3   Performance and Productivity of Hokuriku-based Manufacturers
Chapter 4   Hokuriku-based Companies' Advancement into Overseas Markets and Innovation
Chapter 5   Externalities of Industrial Agglomeration in the Three Prefectures of Hokuriku
Chapter 6   Effects and Challenges of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration and R&D in Hokuriku
Chapter 7   Local Factors behind the Internationalization of Companies
Chapter 8   High-productivity Companies' Participation in Global Supply Chains
Chapter 9   Globalization of Hokuriku-based Companies and the Utilization of FTAs
Chapter 10   Economic Effects of Improving Three Major Ports in Hokuriku
Summary and Policy Implications

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.