On the Effects of Teachers' Majors in Natural Science on Students' Academic Achievement in Science: An analysis of TIMSS data for Japan

Author Name INOUE Atsushi (GRIPS) / TANAKA Ryuichi (University of Tokyo)
Creation Date/NO. August 2017 17-J-052
Research Project Transformation of the Japanese Labor Market: Toward a labor market for all
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The main purpose of this study is to reveal empirically the relationship between teachers' majors in natural science and students' test score in science. For this purpose, we estimate the effect of teacher characteristics by regressing students' test scores taken from the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) on teachers' majors in natural science using matched data of students and teachers in public junior high schools in Japan. We find that eighth grade students taught by teachers with natural science majors attain higher test scores in science than those who are taught by teachers without natural science majors. Estimating a quantile regression model, we find a stronger relationship for students with low achievement in science. We also find that the teachers' experience positively affects the students' test score.