Attitudes towards Immigration in an Ageing Society: Evidence from Japan

Author Name NAKATA Hiroyuki (Senior Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. June 2017 17-E-095
Research Project Attitudes toward Immigration in an Aging Society: Evidence from Japan
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This paper studies the impacts of heterogeneity such as age, gender, and education on the attitude towards immigration and the effectiveness of information campaigns based on a large-scale experiment conducted in Japan. The experiment randomly exposes a large national sample of citizens to information pertaining to potential social and economic benefits from immigration embedded in a comprehension study. The results complement the companion paper (Facchini, Margalit and Nakata, 2016), which shows that the overall effectiveness of such campaigns does not vary much across different groups, while there is a substantial generational gap in the level of support towards immigration. Also, tertiary education has a positive impact amongst female respondents, which is missing amongst the male counterparts.