Gender Inequality in the Workplace: Theory and empirical analysis

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written by YAMAGUCHI Kazuo
Publisher Nikkei Publishing Inc.
ISBN 978-4-532-13471-6
Publication Date May 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Delay in the Promotion of Women’s Empowerment and the Japanese Employment System: A theoretical overview and the objective of the book
Chapter 2   Determinants of Gender Gap in the Proportion of Managers among White-collar Regular Workers
Chapter 3   The Determinants and Consequences of Occupational Gender Segregation: An overlooked obstacle to gender equality
Chapter 4   The Determinants of Gender Wage Gap among White-collar Regular Workers: An elucidation of the mechanism that explains 80% of the gap
Chapter 5   The Influence of Employers’ Work-Life Balance Policy and Limited-duty Regular Employment System on Gender Wage Gap in the Workplace
Chapter 6   The Promotion of Women’s Empowerment and Labor Productivity: What kinds of employer personnel policies are effective?
Chapter 7   Statistical Discrimination and Indirect Discrimination against Women: Incentive problems revisited
Chapter 8   Irrationality of Gender Inequality: Implications from analytical results

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.