Gender Differences in Careers

Author Name SATO Kaori (University of Tokyo) / HASHIMOTO Yuki (Kyushu University) / OWAN Hideo (Faculty Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. March 2017 17-E-051
Research Project Economic Analysis of Human Resource Allocation Mechanisms within the Firm: Insider econometrics using HR data
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Past literature has shown that job segregation by gender is one major cause of the widely observed gender pay gap and that there is also a gender difference in developmental job assignments for broader job experience. This paper examines how gender differences in job assignments are associated with the gender gap in pay and promotion using the personnel records of a Japanese manufacturing company. One of the major findings is that broader work experience through job transfers across establishments are associated with a higher promotion probability and future wages for employees of both genders, but this relationship is especially strong for women, which is consistent with the existence of statistical discrimination against them. Furthermore, according to our fixed effects model estimation of wage function, broader work experience leads to higher wages for men but not for women, implying that women accept promotions without pay raises much more often than men.

Published: Sato, Kaori, Yuki Hashimoto, and Hideo Owan, 2019. "Gender differences in career," Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Vol. 53, 101028