The Influence of Artificial Intelligence Business on Society and the Economy: An interview survey in the United States

Author Name KUME Koichi (Recruit Works Institute)
Creation Date/NO. March 2017 17-P-005
Research Project Comparative Studies of the Social Impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI):From the perspectives of economics, sociology, and natural science/engineering
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The artificial intelligence (AI) business is accelerating all over the world. While discussions on the development of AI and social systems, the influence on workstyles, etc. are becoming active in Japan, there is limited literature that summarizes this in terms of the microeconomic perspectives on the current business situation and its future prospects.

In this paper, we introduce the results of an interview survey conducted on U.S. AI-related startups, research institutions, and labor economists. Specifically, we conduct a semi-structured interview to examine value creation, business driving forces, desirable social systems, and the conditions of each company. Finally, we categorize the interview results into four viewpoints: social systems, relationships between humans and machines, impacts on businesses, and future prospects of AI.