How Does Promotion to a Managerial Position Affect Mental Health?

Author Name SATO Kazuma  (Meikai University)
Creation Date/NO. December 2015 15-J-062
Research Project Labor Market Analysis Using Matched Employer-Employee Panel Data
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This study examines the effect of a promotion to a managerial position on mental health by using the Survey on Human Capital Formation and Work-life Balance conducted by the Research Institute for Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI). The analysis clarified the following three findings. First, although mental health deteriorates in the year of the promotion, it improves in the following year. This result indicates that supporting workers who have been promoted recently is effective in preventing mental health from deteriorating. Second, analysis by gender showed that promotions have a negative effect on the mental health of male workers. Third, a robustness check using the Keio Household Panel Survey (KHPS) showed that mental health deteriorates in the year of the promotion. However, mental health is not affected as observed in annual intervals up to three years post- promotion.