The Economics of Interfirm Networks

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by WATANABE Tsutomu, UESUGI Iichiro, ONO Arito
Publisher Springer
ISBN 978-4-431-55389-2
Publication Date June 2015
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Table of Contents

1 The Economics of Interfirm Networks: Main Issues (Tsutomu Watanabe, Iichiro Uesugi and Arito Ono)

Part I Structure and Evolution of Interfirm Networks
2 Buyer-Supplier Networks and Aggregate Volatility (Takayuki Mizuno, Wataru Souma and Tsutomu Watanabe)
3 Community Structure of a Large-Scale Production Network in Japan (Takashi Iino and Hiroshi Iyetomi)
4 Interfirm Networks in Manufacturing Industry Agglomerations in Japan: Evidence from Survey Data (Iichiro Uesugi)

Part II Networks, Economic Geography, and Firm Activities
5 Economic Geography and Interfirm Transaction Networks (Kentaro Nakajima)
6 Delineating Metropolitan Areas: Measuring Spatial Labour Market Networks Through Commuting Patterns (Gilles Duranton)
7 Determinants of Business and Financial Network Formation by Japanese Start-up Firms: Does Founders' Human Capital Matter? (Hiroyuki Okamuro and Kenta Ikeuchi)
8 Geographical Spread of Interfirm Transaction Networks and the Great East Japan Earthquake (Yukiko Umeno Saito)

Part III Bank-Firm Relationships and Firm Dynamics
9 Bank-firm Relationships: A Review of the Implications for Firms and Banks in Normal and Crisis Times (Hans Degryse, Vasso Ioannidou and Steven Ongena)
10 A New Look at Bank-Firm Relationships and the Use of Collateral in Japan: Evidence from Teikoku Databank Data (Arito Ono, Hirofumi Uchida, Souichirou Kozuka and Makoto Hazama)
11 What do Cash Holdings Tell us About Bank-Firm Relationships? A Case Study of Japanese Firms (Kazuo Ogawa)
12 Bank Lending and Firm Activities: Overcoming Identification Problems (Kaoru Hosono and Daisuke Miyakawa)

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