Full-time Homemaker Households in Poverty: Facts and social determinants

Author Name ZHOU Yanfei  (Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training)
Creation Date/NO. June 2015 15-J-034
Research Project A Socioeconomic Analysis of Households in Environments Characterized by Aging Population and Low Birth Rates
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In Japan, there are more than a half-million married women who live below the poverty line but do not work. In this paper, we examine possible explanations for this puzzling behavior. We find that these women are often mothers who are raising children who are two years old or younger and mothers who have limited earnings potential. Furthermore, we also find that the severe shortage of licensed childcare services for small children in populated areas plays a role in this. As the survey shows that nearly 90% of the homemakers in poverty have an intent to work, measures that remove the obstacles preventing them from attaining jobs are in urgent need.