Analyzing the Relationship Between the Third Sector and the Government in Japan: A report based on the Japanese Third Sector Survey 2014

Author Name SAKAMOTO Haruya  (Kansai University)
Creation Date/NO. May 2015 15-J-025
Research Project Research on the Liberalist Reforms of the Public-Private Relationship and the Establishment of the Third Sector in Japan
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This paper examines the current state of third sector organizations in Japan and how they interact with central and local governments by introducing and analyzing the data from the Japanese Third Sector Survey 2014 conducted by Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI). This survey is unique and very helpful as it covers almost all third sector organizations in Japan that are divided between various legal statuses of corporations and inquires on their relationships with the government.

The main findings are as follow: First, the legal status of corporation matters, and it could determine the organizational capacities and the patterns of interaction with the government. Second, the support by the government including grants and subsides do not impede the vitality of third sector organizations. Instead, it could be beneficial to the further development of the Japanese third sector.