Global Niche Top Enterprises

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written by HOSOYA Yuji
Publisher Hakuto-Shobo Publishing Company
ISBN 978-4-561-26629-7
Publication Date March 2014

Author's Words

Table of Contents


Introduction   Government Policies Implemented to Date to Foster Competitive Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises and Relevant Studies

Part I   Common Traits Observed in Leading Niche-top Enterprises (NTEs): Findings from an interview survey
Chapter 1   Pattern of Product Development
Chapter 2   How to Maintain Competitive Advantage and Prevent Imitation by Competitors
Chapter 3   Penetrating into Overseas Markets in an Orderly and Self-paced Manner Mainly through Exports
Chapter 4   Addressing Challenges and Risks Unique to NTEs
Chapter 5   Emerging Initiatives for Super New Collaborations with NTEs as a Hub

Part II   Essential Differences between Excellent NTEs and Others: Findings from a questionnaire survey
Chapter 6   Current Status and Basic Characteristics of NTEs as Seen in the Survey
Chapter 7   A Comparison of Characteristics across Different Types of NTEs
Chapter 8   Fundamental Differences between Global Niche-top Enterprises (GNTEs) and "Triple Advantage Takers," etc.

Part III   Observations on Policy Challenges Surrounding GNTEs
Chapter 9   NTEs That Have Followed a Unique Course of Development in Japan: A historical account
Chapter 10   GNTEs and the Secrets to Success: What government policies are needed?

Epilogue   NTEs, a Silver Lining for Japan

Afterword and Acknowledgements

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.