Construction and Application of an Innovation Search System in Geographical Space

Author Name SOUMA Wataru  (Nihon University) /FUJITA Yuji  (Nihon University) /NAITO Yusuke  (Artificial Life Laboratory, Inc.) /NISHIDA Masatoshi  (Artificial Life Laboratory, Inc.) /JIBU Mari  (OECD / Japan Science and Technology Agency)
Creation Date/NO. December 2013 13-P-023
Research Project Dynamics, Energy and Environment, and Growth of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises
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Science and technology policy in Japan has not been working well so far. This problem comes from the inefficient management of the "creation of value" and "creation of knowledge." To overcome this problem, developing a system that supports the draw-up policy is necessary. For this purpose, we have been developing an innovation search engine called the "Japan Knowledge Map" in the geographic space. In this paper, we explain this search engine and introduce some examples of its application. In particular, we focus on the current state of field fusion and the time evolution of field fusion. We also discuss the management of open innovation.