Study of the Formation of the Semiconductor Equipment Industry in the Bingo District in Hiroshima

Author Name KATO Atsumi  (Hiroshima University)
Creation Date/NO. May 2013 13-P-008
Research Project Research on the Interactions Between the Business Strategies of Excellent Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and their External Environment
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In this paper, we give an overview on how the semiconductor equipment industry in the Bingo district in Hiroshima was developed. The textile industry once prospered in the Bingo district, but after its decline, semiconductor equipment-related companies were started centering around the Shinco Electronics Group Co., Ltd., which was a subcontractor of ROHM Co., Ltd. Furthermore, other semiconductor equipment companies and liquid crystal equipment companies are located in the Bingo district, and the business environment there allows for fabless companies to start up easily. It became clear that small- and medium-sized firms supporting such fabless companies are not dependent upon particular customers.