High-tech Industry and Regional Eco-system

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written by NISHIZAWA Akio, KUTSUNA Kenji, HIBARA Nobuhiko, SABURI Masataka, WAKABAYASHI Naoki and KANAI Kazuyori
Publisher Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd
ISBN 978-4-641-16385-0
Publication Date April 2012

Table of Contents

Introduction:   Formation of High-tech Industry Led by New Technology-based Firms (NTBFs)

Part I:   Functions and Creation of Regional Eco-systems
Chapter 1   NTBFs and venture businesses
Chapter 2   From cluster policy to regional eco-system building
Chapter 3   Current status and challenges of regional eco-system building

Part II:   Foundations for Building Regional Eco-systems
Chapter 4   Mushrooming of NTBFs and the supply of risk capital in the UK
Chapter 5   Functions and creation of the venture capital (VC) sector within regional eco-systems
Chapter 6   Mushrooming of NTBFs and entrepreneurial behavior
Chapter 7   Human resource development for the creation of regional eco-systems
Chapter 8   Entrepreneurial behavior and the integration of micro- and meso-level processes for regional eco-system creation

Part III:   Creation of Regional Eco-systems in Japan
Chapter 9   From the U.S. model to the miracle of Tsuruoka

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.