Corporate Governance in Japan: Toward a redesign and restoration of competitiveness

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by MIYAJIMA Hideaki
Publisher Toyo Keizai Inc.
ISBN 978-4-492-53289-8
Publication Date June 2011

Authors' Words

Table of Contents

Part I   Changes in the external governance of Japanese firms
Chapter 1   Governance mechanism of main banks under the threat of withdrawal of nonmain banks:
an empirical analysis
Chapter 2   Diversification of the ownership structure and its consequences
Chapter 3   Formation of the market for corporate control in Japan

Part II   Internal governance and structural architecture
Chapter 4   Determinants for the introduction of outside directors by Japanese firms and its results
Chapter 5   What determines the introduction of the performance-based wage system?
Chapter 6   Governance over the internal business units in the era of diversification and globalization
Chapter 7   Economic analysis of listed subsidiaries

Part III   Changes in corporate governance and its effects on corporate behavior
Chapter 8   Corporate finance, ownership structure, and R&D investment
Chapter 9   Corporate financing of large firms in Japan
Chapter 10   Dividend policy and employment adjustment

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.