The Frontiers of Economic Policy Analysis Volume 3
Globalization and International Economic Strategies

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by FUJITA Masahisa, WAKASUGI Ryuhei
Publisher Nippon Hyoronsha
ISBN 978-4-535-55654-6
Publication Date March 2011

Table of Contents

Foreword   Formulating Japan's strategy in response to globalization and deepening economic interdependence in Asia
Chapter 1   Globalization of Japanese firms: An analysis based on firm-level data
Chapter 2   Offshore outsourcing by Japanese firms: An analysis based on micro data
Chapter 3   Globalization and China's economic growth
Chapter 4   A study on the economic impacts of FTAs
Chapter 5   Global imbalances and currency misalignments in asia: an analysis with AMU
Chapter 6   The appropriate policy mix for China
Chapter 7   Official development assistance for poverty reduction in developing countries
Chapter 8   Key issues of today's international investment agreements: Including their relationships with taxation
Chapter 9   WTO and the environment
Chapter 10   WTO functioning as a rules-enforcement agency: Current state of dispute settlement procedures and multilateral surveillance

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.