Free Trade Agreements in The Asia Pacific

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by Christopher FINDLAY, URATA Shujiro
Publisher World Scientific
ISBN 978-981-4271-38-7
Publication Date December 2009

Table of Contents


1. Rules of Origin and Agricultural Trade Liberalisation in Major Free Trade Agreements
I. Cheong and J. Cho
2. Services in Free Trade Agreements
R. Ochiai, P. Dee and C. Findlay
3. Analysis of the Restrictions on Foreign Direct Investment in Free Trade Agreements
S. Urata and J. Sasuya
4. A Comparison of the Safeguard Mechanisms of Free Trade Agreements
A. Kotera and T. Kitamura
5. Assessing the Economic Impacts of Free Trade Agreements: A Computable Equilibrium Model Approach
K. Abe
6. The Impacts of Free Trade Agreements on Trade Flows: An Application of the Gravity Model Approach
S. Urata and M. Okabe
7. On the Use of Free Trade Agreements by Japanese Firms
K. Takahashi and S. Urata
8. Impacts of Japanese FTAs/EPAs: Preliminary Post Evaluation
M. Ando


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