Integrating Modular Products beyond Industrial Boundary - Analysis of the integration process of a PC system and NC system

Author Name SHIBATA Tomoatsu  (Kagawa University Graduate School) /KODAMA Fumio  (Faculty Fellow, RIETI / The University of Tokyo / Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Creation Date/NO. May 2006 06-J-040
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Module integration refers to a process in which two product systems, each having been established as a complete module architecture through a different technological trajectory, are integrated into a new product concept. Is such integration possible? If so, how can it be done? This paper illustrates the possibility of such integration by examining the evolution process of a personal computer (PC) system and numerical control (NC) system. Based on this case study, we have verified to what extent preceding studies explain the dynamics of product architecture and found that the realignment of product architecture is prompted by the porting operator. Based on this finding, we theoretically examine the possibility of module integration.