Current Issues Surrounding Women at Work and in the Family: Proposals Going Beyond This Age of Decreasing Population

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by TACHIBANAKI Toshiaki
Publisher Minerva Publishing Co.
ISBN 4-623-04424-6
Publication Date October 2005

Table of Contents

Seeking to create a society where both men and women are able to work in a balanced way, this book sheds light on the problems encountered in various facets of life such as education, work, marriage and childrearing, and proposes a comprehensive set of policy measures that need to be taken by individual companies and Japanese society in general.

Introduction: Why does Japan continue to fail to utilize the potential of women?

Section I Problems concerning the education of women
Chapter 1: Evolution of the system for promoting a female workforce
Chapter 2: The risk called "children"

Section II Marriage, childrearing and work
Chapter 3: International comparison of the status of working mothers
Chapter 4: Male involvement in household chores and childrearing and its impact on female participation in the workforce
Chapter 5: Marriage status of women and its influence on their career change or reentry into the workforce

Section III Job market for female college graduates
Chapter 6: Career and promotion of female college graduates
Chapter 7: Why do many female college graduates choose not to reenter the workforce?

Section IV Gender-equal society and female work styles
Chapter 8: Measures of tapping the potentials of women and economic growth
Chapter 9: Incorporation of non-regular workers into the mainstream workforce and the management of labor

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.