Football Goes East

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by Wolfram Manzenreiter and John Horne
Ch.3 "The making of a professional football league: the design of the J.League system" by HIROSE Ichiro
Publisher Routledge
ISBN 0-415-31898-X
Publication Date October 2004

Table of Contents

This book provides unique insights into the cultural, economic, political and social factors shaping its development in the Far East.

1 Football, culture, globalization: why professional football has been going East

PART I: The business of football in East Asian nation-states

2 Strategies for locating professional sports leagues: a comparison between France and Korea
3 The making of a professional football league: the design of the J.League system
4 Football in the People's Republic of China

PART II: Players and supporters of the East Asian game

5 Japanese football players and the sport talent migration business
6 Football 'hooligans' and football supporters' culture in China
7 School sport, physical education and the development of football culture in Japan
8 Government involvement in football in Korea

PART III: Football, representation and identity in East Asia after 2002

9 Football and the South Korean imagination: South Korea and the 2002 World Cup tournaments
10 Football, fashion and fandom: sociological reflections on the 2002 World Cup and collective memories in Korea
11 The banality of football: 'race,' nativity, and how Japanese football critics failed to digest the planetary spectacle
12 Football, nationalism and celebrity culture: reflections on the impact of different discourse on Japanese identity since the 2002 World Cup

PART IV: Football in East Asia beyond the nation-state

13 Her place in the 'House of Football' : globalisation, cultural sexism and women's football in East Asian societies
14 An international comparison of the motivations and experiences of volunteers at the 2002 World Cup
15 Globalisation and football in East Asia

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