Pros and Cons of RMB Revaluation: Interests and Arguments of China, Japan and the United States

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by C. H. KWAN, the CASS Institute of World Economics and Politics
ISBN 4-492-68125-6
Publication Date October 2004

Authors' Words

Table of Contents

Should the renminbi (RMB) be revalued?
What is a desirable foreign exchange regime to replace the current dollar-peg system?

Section I Chinese perspectives on the issue of the RMB
Chapter 1: Debates outside China over the revaluation of the RMB
Chapter 2: Mounting pressure for the RMB's revaluation and China's response
Chapter 3: Overcoming China's "revaluation phobia"
Chapter 4: How to loosen the dollar peg

Section II U.S. perspectives on the issue of the RMB
Chapter 5: The political economy of China's exchange rate regime
Chapter 6: Valuing the reminbi
Chapter 7: China: A stabilizing or deflationary influence in East Asia?

Section III Japanese perspectives on the issue of the RMB
Chapter 8: Japan's experience with the sharp rise of the yen and lessons for China
Chapter 9: Why China should revalue the RMB

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.