Agricultural Policy Reform for Japan and Its Consumers: To Better Steer WTO and FTA Negotiations

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written by YAMASHITA Kazuhito
ISBN 4-492-78027-0
Publication Date August 2004

Authors' Words

Table of Contents

This book deals with the agricultural issues facing Japan and the world today from the standpoint of food supply, environmental problems and trade negotiations. The author defines the philosophy of agricultural reform based on using the theory of international economics theory, and argues that agricultural policy in the 21st century should be based on the idea of consumer sovereignty, and not a producer-oriented policy.

Introduction: Why agricultural reforms now?

Section I: What are the agricultural issues?
Chapter 1: The world food and agricultural situation
Chapter 2: Peculiar Japan? Why has Japan's food self-sufficiency rate been declining?
Chapter 3: Agriculture and the environment
Chapter 4: Agricultural policies in the world and the formation of the WTO
Chapter 5: Agricultural reforms around the world
Chapter 6: The current state of WTO/FTA negotiations

Section II: What should we argue in the WTO/FTA negotiations?
Chapter 7: Non-economic principles of the GATT/WTO
Chapter 8: Food security
Chapter 9: Multifunctionality of agriculture

Section III: Agricultural reforms for Japan and its consumers
Chapter 10: Theories of agricultural policy in the 21st century
Chapter 11: Securing farmland
Chapter 12: Direct payments
Conclusion: Ideological genealogy of agricultural reform

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.