Civil Mind Civil Power NPO/NGOs as the Lead Actor in the Public Sector

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by SAWA Akihiro, et. al
ISBN 4-492-22229-4
Publication Date May 2003

Table of Contents

This book examines such issues as whether civil power can change the "frame of the state."

Introduction: "Civil Power and Taking Responsibility for the State" - a Dialogue

Part I: Civil Power Can Start the Meltdown of Government
Chapter 1: Citizen Activism Can Change Education! - Future Prospects for NPO-School Collaboration
Chapter 2: Changing Medicine through Collaboration - the Experience of COML
Chapter 3: NPOs as the Main Current of Social Reform
Chapter 4: How Do Bureaucrats Relate to NPO Activity? - The Experience of MiMi Net
Chapter 5: Development of Mie Prefecture and NPOs - a Report from the Field

Part II: Creating a Framework for the Exercise of Civil Power
Chapter 6: NPOs / NGOs as Lead Actors in the Public Sector - Creating a Democratic Society Where the Average Person Can Make Policy Proposals
Chapter 7: IT and the Growth of Civil Society
Chapter 8: Public Support for Civil Activism

Part III: Creating a New Democracy
Chapter 9: Evolution of the NPO/NGO Sector

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.