Local Governance Reform in An Era of Change

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by MURAMATSU Michio, INATSUGU Hiroaki
ISBN 4-492-21137-3
Publication Date March 2003

Table of Contents

This book provides the overview of the ongoing governance reform initiatives that are being carried out vigorously on multiple fronts but with no goal in sight.

Chapter 1: Comprehensive Reform of Local Governance at the Turn of the Century
Chapter 2: Decentralization Reform/Conventional Reform/NPM Reform/Management Reform Through Citizen Participation

Part I: The Axis of Regional Decentralization
Chapter 3: Analysis of Decentralization of the City, Town, and Village at the Prefectural Level
Chapter 4: The Autonomous Organizational Rights of Local Government in Japan
Chapter 5: Local Decentralization and Extended Regional Associations

Part II: The Axis of New Public Management (NPM)
Chapter 6: The Spread of NPM in Japan
Chapter 7: NPM-type Administrative Reform at the Prefectural Level
Chapter 8: Re-examining NPM in Light of the "Aging Society Factor"

Part III: The Axis of "Citizen Autonomy"
Chapter 9: Policy Management and Partnership Led by Local Decentralization
Chapter 10: The Approach of the City of Kyoto in Promoting Civic Participation
Chapter 11: Referendums and Local Government

Chapter 12: Reforms of the 1990s Related to Local Governance

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.