Quantifying the Economic Benefits of the Non-profit Organization in Japan
-Setting the Non-profit Performance to the I-O Table

Author Name TAKAYANAGI Daisuke/TAKAHASHI Mutsuharu/IMASE Seiji
Creation Date/NO. November 2002 02-E-012
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As social needs become more diversified and the market economy makes further inroads, peoples'expectations for non-profit organizations (NPOs) have grown. In the past few years Japan has experienced a significant surge of various nonprofit activities led by the civil sector, in fields where services by the government and business have not been sufficient, such as community building, recycling, and welfare services. These activities have gathered momentum since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995 and the enactment of the NPO law in 1998.

Although media, books and reports introduced these NPO activities, there are quite a few which now provide us with macro-based and quantitative information. In this paper, we quantified the non-profit economic activities in Japan by resetting the non-profit performance to the Input-output Table.