A Reintroduction to the Chinese Economy

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written by C.H. KWAN
ISBN 4-492-44292-8
Publication Date October 2002

Table of Contents

Summary: This book, written by RIETI Consulting Fellow C.H. Kwan, is a compilation of columns written as part of the ongoing "China in Transition" series. The volume offers a better understanding of the Chinese economy.

Chapter 1: Objections to the Idea of the "Chinese Threat"
Chapter 2: Getting Past the Idea of the Chinese Threat
Chapter 3: Reality and Virtual Reality in the Chinese Economy
Chapter 4: The Current State of China's "New Economy"
Chapter 5: The Urgent Need for Reform in China's Business and Financial Sectors
Chapter 6: Learning from China's Experience
Chapter 7: The Triangular Japan-China-U.S. Trade Relationship
Chapter 8: The Triangular Renminbi-Yen-Dollar Relationship
Chapter 9: What does the rise of China Mean for the Asian Economies
Chapter 10: Looking at China in the 21st Century

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.