The Japanese Firm in Transition

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by ITOH Hideshi
ISBN 4-492-52130-5
Publication Date September 2002

Table of Contents

Is blindly following the Anglo-American business model the best way for Japanese businesses to recover? Through a thorough re-examination of Japanese business, this book offers suggestions for which parts of Japan's business model need to change - and which do not.

Part I: Redefining Japanese Business
Chapter 1: Re-examining the Japanese Business Model
Chapter 2: Comparative Research on Corporate Systems

Part II: Mechanisms of Corporate Governance
Chapter 3: The Potential for Self-Governance in Japanese Firms
Chapter 4: Is Shareholder-Led Corporate Governance Necessary?
Chapter 5: Corporate Finance and Governance

Part III: Implementing Strategic Decision-Making
Chapter 6: Strategic Decision-Making Ability Among Top Management
Chapter 7: The Reality of Corporate Management in Japanese Firms
Chapter 8: Performance and the Governance Structure of Subsidiaries

Part IV: The Sources of Innovation
Chapter 9: The Relationship Between Innovation and Japanese-Style Manufacturing
Chapter 10: Why the Competitiveness of the Semiconductor Photolithography Industry Has Declined
Chapter 11: The Structure of Innovation in the Games Industry

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.