The Evolution of a Manufacturing System at Toyota

Author(s)/Editor(s) FUJIMOTO Takahiro
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-512330-4
Publication Date July 2002

Table of Contents


PART I: Emergence and Functions of the Total Manufacturing System
1. An Evolutionary Framework for Manufacturing
2. System Emergence at Toyota: History
3. System Emergence at Toyota: Reinterpretation
4. The Anatomy of Manufacturing Routines: An Information View

PART II: Emergence and Functions of the Three Subsystems: Supplier, Development, and Production
5. Evolution of the Black Box Parts Supplier System
6. Evolution of Product Development Routines
7. Evolution of Toyota's New Assembly System
8. Conclusion: Toyota as a "Prepared Organization"

Appendix A. The Evolutionary Framework: Generic and Specific
Appendix B. The Basics of Toyota-style Manufacturing

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