Modularity: A New Industrial Architecture

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by AOKI Masahiko, ANDOH Haruhiko
ISBN 4-492-39370-6
Publication Date February 2002

Table of Contents

The concept of "modularization" or "modularity," now catching on in economics and management describes the fundamental change to the industrial infrastructure that underlies the IT revolution. This book provides a summary of the debate among the world's leading theoreticians and practitioners on this topic to capture the nature of modularization and helps readers better understand the concepts.

Part I: What is Modularization?
Chapter 1: The Modularization of Industrial Architecture
Chapter 2: Management in the Era of Modularization
Chapter 3: The Cost and Value of Modularization
Chapter 4: Digitization and Modularization
Essay 1: The Relationship between the Venture Economy and Modularization

Part II: The Reality of Modularization - Its Impact on Industry
Chapter 5: How Did the Video Game Industry Succeed?
Chapter 6: The Japanese-style Supplier System and Modularization
Chapter 7: The Reality of Modularization in the Auto Industry
Chapter 8: The Role of the "Modular Design Idea"
Chapter 9: The Effectiveness and Limits of Modularization
Essay 2: Suggestions from Industry-Specific Analysis of Modularization

Part III: Panel Discussion
Chapter 10: The Significance and Potential of Modularization: What We Learn from Practice

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.