Health Care Reform

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written by KAWABUCHI Koichi
ISBN 4-492-70076-5
Publication Date February 2002

Table of Contents

Part 1: New Options for Securing Revenues

Introduction: The Winding Path of Health Care Reform
Chapter 1: Obtaining New Sources of Revenues for Public Health Care Insurance from Tobacco Taxes
Chapter 2: Measures to Resolve Incoherence in Elderly Care Facilities
Chapter 3: The State of Payments Not Covered by Insurance and Economic Assessment Based on EBM
Chapter 4: Learning from Singapore's MSA System

Part 2: A Health Care System Worth the Greater Burden

Chapter 5: Creating Efficiency in Health Care before Increasing the Burden
Chapter 6: The Urgent Need for a Fundamental Re-examination of the Medical Laws
Chapter 7: Will "e-Health" and DRG Change the Medical Profession?
Chapter 8: Dealing with Medical and Nursing Malpractice from the Standpoint of Health Care Economics
Supplementary Discussion: MSA: A "Miracle Cure" to Achieve Reasonable Medical Expenses?

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.