Communities and Markets in Economic Development

Author(s)/Editor(s) AOKI Masahiko, HAYAMI Yujiro
Publisher Oxford University Press UK
ISBN 0-19-924101-5
Publication Date May 2001

Table of Contents


Introduction: Communities and Markets in Economic Development, Masahiko Aoki and Yujiro Hayami

Part I. Theoretical and Historical Perspectives
1. Impersonal Exchange and the Origin of Markets: From the Community Responsibility System to Individual Legal Responsibility in Pre-modern Europe by Avner Greif
2. Community and Market in England: Open Fields and Enclosures Revisited by Robert C. Allen
3. The Two Paths of Agrarian System Evolution in the Philippine Rice Bowl by Yujiro Hayami and Masao Kikuchi
4. Community Norms and Embeddedness: A Game-Theoretic Approach by Masahiko Aoki

Part II. Community in Market Development
5. Middlemen in a Peasant Community: Vegetable Marketing in Indonesia by Yujiro Hayami and Toshihiko Kawagoe
6. Market Integrators for Rural-based Industrialization: The Case of the Hand-Weaving Industry in Laos by Akihiko Ohno
7. The Role of Business Networks in Market Development in Sub-Saharan Africa by Marcel Fafchamps
8. Risk and Insurance in Transition: Perspectives from Zhouping County, China by Jonathan Morduch and Terry Sicular

Part III. Governance of Local Commons
9. Water Community: An Empirical Analysis of Cooperation on Irrigation in South India by Pranab Bardhan
10. State and Community in the Deterioration of a National Irrigation System by Masao Kikuchi, Masako Fujita, and Yujiro Hayami
11. Evolution and Consequences of Community Forest Management in the Hill Region of Nepal by Keijiro Otsuka and Towa Tachibana
12. Liberal Reforms and Community Responses in Mexico by Alaide Janvry, Celine Dutilly, Carlos Munoz-Pina, and Elisabeth Sadoulet
13. Community Arrangements to Overcome Market Failures: Pooling Groups in Japanese Fisheries by Jean-Philippe Platteaand Erika Seki
14. Comments by Douglass North

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