Information, Corporate Governance, and Institutional Diversity: Competitiveness in Japan, the U.S.A., and the Transitional Economies

Author(s)/Editor(s) AOKI Masahiko
Publisher Oxford University Press U.K.
ISBN 0-19-829-703-3
Publication Date January 2001

Table of Contents


1. What is Comparative Institutional Analysis?
2. Organizational Diversity and Comparative Informational Efficiency
3. The Evolutionary Game and Multiple Equilibrium
4. Institutional Complementarity and Corporate Governance
5. The Main Bank System and Government Regulations
6. Relevance to Corporate Governance in Transition Economies
7. Gains from Diversity and Institutional Reform in the Japanese Economy
Postscript 2000
Appendix. Towards a Comparative Institutional Analysis: Motivations and Some Tentative Theorizing

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