History of Japan's Trade and Industry Policy (12): Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by NAKATA Tetsuo
Publisher Keizai Sangyo Chosakai
ISBN 978-4-8065-2877-7
Publication Date March 2013

Table of Contents

This volume discusses the Ministry of International Trade and Industry's policy toward small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) implemented primarily in the latter half of the 20th century. Part I provides an overview, followed by more detailed accounts of respective policy measures in Parts II through XI.

  • Part I   Overview
    • Chapter 1   Overall trends of SMEs and SME policy
    • Chapter 2   Policy visions and policy systems
    • Chapter 3   Policy planning process and implementation mechanism
    • Chapter 4   Major policy instruments
  • Part II   Structural Enhancement of SMEs
    • Chapter 1   Policy measures for sector-by-sector modernization
    • Chapter 2   Government programs to promote the structural enhancement of SMEs
    • Chapter 3   Amalgamation and cross-industry interactions
    • Chapter 4   Facilitation of business transformation and revitalization
  • Part III   Reinforcement of Business Management Base
    • Chapter 1   Diagnostic guidance and the provision of information
    • Chapter 2   Human resources development
    • Chapter 3   Strengthening of technological capabilities
    • Chapter 4   Policy measures to promote the organization of SMEs into groups
  • Part IV   Securing Business Opportunities for SMEs
    • Chapter 1   Policy measures for subcontractors
    • Chapter 2   Securing SMEs' access to public contracts
    • Chapter 3   Competition control in SME-dominant business areas
    • Chapter 4   Policy responses to the internationalization of SMEs' business activities
  • Part V   Support for the starting up of new businesses and innovation
    • Chapter 1   Support for startups and ventures
    • Chapter 2   Support for SMEs' expansion into new business areas and innovation
  • Part VI   Policies for Small-scale Entrepreneurs
    • Chapter 1   Overview
    • Chapter 2   Provision and dissemination of guidance and support for business improvement
    • Chapter 3   Fund for the modernization of equipment and facilities of SMEs
    • Chapter 4   Small enterprise mutual relief system
    • Chapter 5   Act on support for small-scale entrepreneurs
    • Chapter 6   Policy evaluation
  • Part VII   Promotion of Local SMEs
    • Chapter 1   Policy measures to promote local SMEs necessitated by the globalization of the yen
    • Chapter 2   Revitalization of affected manufacturing regions
    • Chapter 3   SME visions in the 1980s and the promotion of local industries
    • Chapter 4   Post-Plaza Accord policy measures for local SMEs
    • Chapter 5   Policy measurers for local SMEs in the 1990s--Focusing on the agglomeration function of industrial clusters
    • Chapter 6   Summary
  • Part VIII   Policy toward the commerce and service industries
    • Chapter 1   Promotion of SMEs in the commerce and service industries
    • Chapter 2   Promotion of small- and medium-sized wholesalers
    • Chapter 3   Control measures to alleviate retail business competition
  • Part IX   Financing and Taxation
    • Chapter 1   Changes in the financing environment and SME financing programs
    • Chapter 2   Three governmental financial institutions for SME financing
    • Chapter 3   Credit support programs
    • Chapter 4   Enhancement of capital base
    • Chapter 5   Alleviation of tax burden
  • Part X   Counter-cyclical Measures and Disaster Control Measures
    • Chapter 1   Counter-cyclical measures
    • Chapter 2   Bankruptcy prevention measures
    • Chapter 3   Measures for facilitating adjustments to international economic impacts
    • Chapter 4   Emergency measures and temporary law to alleviate the impact of the sharp rise of the yen
    • Chapter 5   Turmoil in the world economy and emergency measures in the period subsequent to the burst of the Japanese economic bubble
    • Chapter 6   Disaster control measures
    • Chapter 7   Policy measures in response to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
  • Part XI   Amendment of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Basic Act
    • Chapter 1   Backgrounds of the amendment
    • Chapter 2   Amendment process and the relevant deliberations at the Diet
    • Chapter 3   New Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Basic Act