History of Japan's Trade and Industry Policy (9): Industrial Technology Policy

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by SAWAI Minoru
Publisher Keizai Sangyo Chosakai
ISBN 978-4-8065-2874-2
Publication Date March 2011

Table of Contents

This volume addresses the Ministry of International Trade and Industry's industrial technology policy, reviewing what policy goals were pursued in difficult times such as trade and technology friction in the 1980s and long-term economic stagnation in the 1990s, what efforts were made to achieve such goals, and to what extent they were achieved.

Chapter 1 focuses on the underlying principles of industrial technology policy and activities of the Industrial Technology Council, Chapter 2 on large-scale technology development projects and national innovation system reform, and Chapter 3 on two long-term programs of new energy development and energy saving, namely, the Sunshine Project and the Moonlight Project. Chapter 4 provides detailed accounts of the government's assistance for technology development in the private sector, Chapter 5 of the development of international research cooperation, Chapter 6 of industrial standardization, and Chapter 7 of the transformation of national research institutes.

  • Foreword   Modern Japan's technological development and the role of industrial technology policy
  • Chapter 1   Industrial technology policy principles and activities of the Industrial Technology Council
  • Chapter 2   Large-scale technology development projects and national innovation system reform
  • Chapter 3   "Sunshine Project" and "Moonlight Project"
  • Chapter 4   Technology development assistance for the private sector
  • Chapter 5   International research cooperation
  • Chapter 6   Industrial standardization
  • Chapter 7   Transformation of national research institutes
  • Conclusion   New issues in industrial technology policy
  • Afterword