History of Japan's Trade and Industry Policy (7): Machinery and Information Industries

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by HASEGAWA Shin
Publisher Keizai Sangyo Chosakai
ISBN 978-4-8065-2872-2
Publication Date March 2013

Table of Contents

This volume discusses the Ministry of International Trade and Industry's policy for the machinery and information industries. Part I provides a chronological overview of policy developments. Part II discusses specific policy measures implemented in each sector of the machinery industry, and Part III focuses on those for the information industry.

  • Part I   Overview
    • Chapter 1   Introduction
    • Chapter 2   Establishment of the Machinery and Information Industries Bureau
    • Chapter 3   Machinery industry policy measures implemented in the 1970s
    • Chapter 4   Machinery industry policy measures implemented in the first half of the 1980s (1980 through 1986)
    • Chapter 5   Policy responses to the sharp rise of the yen and internationalization-- 1986 through the early 1990s
    • Chapter 6   Policy responses to cross-sectoral issues and a shift to a cross-cutting approach in administration--Early 1990s through 2000
    • Chapter 7   Policy measures designed to improve business environment
  • Part II   Machinery Industry Policy
    • Chapter 1   Industrial machinery industry
    • Chapter 2   Engineering industry
    • Chapter 3   Automobile industry
    • Chapter 4   Materials industry
    • Chapter 5   Nuclear power equipment industry
    • Chapter 6   Aircraft industry
    • Chapter 7   Ordnance industry
    • Chapter 8   Space industry
    • Chapter 9   Welfare equipment and devices industry
  • Part III   Information Industry Policy
    • Chapter 1   Promotion policy focusing on the hardware industry and the promotion of the software industry--Latter half of the 1970s
    • Chapter 2   Information industry policy toward creating an advanced information society--1980 through the mid-1980s
    • Chapter 3   Policy shift to focus on the software industry policy
    • Chapter 4   Information industry policy in the era of expanding communication networks--Early 1990s through 2000