History of Japan's Trade and Industry Policy (2): International Trade Policy

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by ABE Takeshi
Publisher Keizai Sangyo Chosakai
ISBN 978-4-8065-2867-8
Publication Date January 2013

Table of Contents

This volume discusses the international trade policy of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry during the period 1980-2000. Part I discusses the emergence and escalation of trade friction with the United States and Europe as well as specific policy responses by Japan. Part II illustrates how the world trade regime changed over time and how Japan responded.

    • Introduction   Japan's external economic relations and the baseline of international trade policy
  • Part I   Japan's Responsibility as a Major Economic Power and International Trade Policy
    • Chapter 1   Trade friction and negotiations with the United States and Europe
    • Chapter 2   Import expansion and market opening
    • Chapter 3   Export policy
  • Part II   Multilateral Initiative for the Harmonization of Trade Rules and International Cooperation
    • Chapter 1   Conclusion of the Uruguay Round and the inauguration of the World Trade Organization (WTO) (1982-1994)
    • Chapter 2   Launch of the WTO trade regime and Japan's international trade strategy (1995-2001)
    • Chapter 3   Invocation of trade remedy laws by Japan
    • Chapter 4   Regionalism and Japan
    • Chapter 5   International economic cooperation policy