EU-Japan Digital Partnership Webinar

Connecting the EU, Japan and the World by GAIA-X, CATENA-X and Japan's Data Strategy


Since announcing its data strategy in 2020, Europe has been working to build a data sharing economic zone/data space that transcends various industries, including medicine, agriculture, energy environment, and finance. This initiative aims to promote theGAIA X project, which serves as the foundation for governance/data distribution.

Within the industrial field, GAIA-X not only shares detailed product information (material properties, design requirements, etc.) between companies and industries, but also shares various data generated at the product usage stage, serving as a tool to improve quality and productivity. Furthermore, it is expected to contribute to a circular economy through product lifecycle traceability. The first embodiment of the GAIA-X concept takes form as CATENA X, primarily led by European automobile and parts manufacturers.

Meanwhile, Japan has embarked on building a data collaboration infrastructure, including formulating a comprehensive data strategy in 2021 and promoting DATA―EX by the Data Society Promotion Council, with the aim of realizing Society 5.0. In the industrial field, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is leading the effort to build the Ouranos Ecosystem, aiming for cross-sectional data sharing and system collaboration across companies, industries, and national borders.

Under these circumstances, the first ministerial meeting of the Japan-Europe Digital Partnership was held in July last year, underlining the importance of promoting data and system interoperability between the European common data space and the Japanese data space established under the "Data Strategy", including DATA-EX, and the Ouranos Ecosystem. Furthermore, the “Ministerial Statement on the Materialization of DFFT'' was adopted at the G7 Digital and Technology Ministers' Meeting at the end of the tear.

In this webinar, panelists involved in GAIA-X, CATENA-X, Japanese date strategy and the Ouranos Ecosystem will provide insights about the overview and challenges, and will discuss on crucial topics such as the involvement of all players in the supply chain (especially SMEs) in this data linkage mechanism, ensuring data reliability, achieving globally interoperability, delineating optimal roles between the public and private sectors, and exploring possible industrial cooperation between Japan and the EU and the ideal framework for global data collaboration.

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17:00 -17:05 (9:00 -9:05) Opening remarks

Peter FATELNIG (Minister-Counsellor for Digital Economy Policy at the Delegation of the European Union to Japan)

17:05-18:05 (9:05 -10:05) Presentations

Takeo KODERA (Strategic Program Lead, Head of Automotive Competency Center SAP Japan Co., Ltd.)

Takuya YAMAZAKI (Chief Director, Digital Agency)

Ichiro AOYAGI (SVP and Co-Head of Solution Service Strategic Unit, Fujitsu / Board Member, Japan Data Management Consortium (JDMC))

Kazuo NAKASHIMA (Director for Promoting IoT, Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative (RRI))

Ulrich AHLE (Chief Executive Officer of GAIA-X)

18:05-18:55 (10:05-10:55) Q&A and Discussions

Moderator: Koichi AKAISHI (Former Vice Minister, Digital Agency)

18:55-19:00 (10:55-11:00) Closing remarks

Yasuo TANABE (Managing Director Japan Side, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation)