RIETI Workshop

Dynamics in Finance and Economy on economic networks (Summary)


  • Date: October 8 (Tue) - 9 (Wed), 2019
  • Venue: RIETI's seminar room #1119 & 1121 (METI Annex 11th floor)
  • Co-host(s): MEXT "Exploratory Challenges on Post-K computer", "Studies of Multi-level Spatiotemporal Simulation of Socioeconomic Phenomena: Macroeconomic Simulations"


This workshop was held by the Faculty Fellow Hideaki Aoyama's Research Project "Dynamics of Economy and Finance from the Economic Network Point of View" (July 2, 2018 - June 30, 2020)

Key note speakers were Prof. Frank Schweitzer (ETH, Zurich) and Prof. Thomas Lux (Kiel University). In addition, we had Prof. Hiroshi Yoshikawa (Rissho University) as an invited speaker, 3 researchers from abroad, and some 10 researchers from domestic institutions.

In the opening address by the RIETI president Yano Makoto, he stressed the importance of having not just purebred economists but also a wide range of scientists from physics to informatics, who will bring new, advanced mathematical tools to attack problems in Economy and Science.

Such is exactly the aim of Aoyama's project and therefore the importance of this workshop.

For contents of the presentations, please refer to the abstracts posted on this web site. Overall, active discussions were engaged and all the participants are encouraged and inspired by this workshop.