RIETI International Seminar

Frontiers of behavioural insights (Summary)


  • Date and time: 13:30-15:30, May 22, 2019
  • Venue: RIETI conference Room #1119&1121 (METI Annex 11th Floor)
  • Language: English


"Nudge" and behavioural insights has been utilized as a fourth policy tool to replace or supplement traditional policy methods such as subsidies, taxation, and regulation.

In this seminar, we invited Dr. David Halpan, the representative of the BIT (Behavialal Insights Unit), to learn best practices and issues on practically using nudge. Along with learning about the frontiers of nudge, we discussed the way of its utilization in Japan.

In the seminar, Dr. Halpern gave us a presentation entitled as "Frontiers of behavioural insights." Dr. Halpern introduced about the background of the launch of the BIT under UK Cameron administration, the earlier projects and its accomplishment on improving taxation gathering rate, the cases such as introducing sugar tax, the importance of testing prototype, and BIT's ambition to further utilizing nudge.

Following the presentation, an active discussion was held between participants and Dr. Halpern on the topics such as ethics and fairness on utilizing nudge, the way of nudge utilization that would be accepted by the public, and the practical operation of the nudge unit.